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My name is Alex, and I create / research / write / host / edit / animate / publish / run Technicality! Technicality takes a closer look at our awesome universe. I make videos about science, technology, history, and anything else I find fascinating about our amazing world. Which, you could say, are the technicalities of our world? Eh, eh? Ok. I’ve always been curious and passionate about adventuring into new areas, topics, and questions. Here on Technicality, I share ideas that I’m passionate about like “Everything You Know About Year-Round School is Wrong!” (education), “There’s 7 New Planets?” (astronomy), and “Top 10 Things Hamilton Got Wrong!” (history) or subjects that tickle my curiosity like “The Crazy Expanding Marshmallow Experiment!” (science), “How Trump & Clinton use Loopholes to Raise Millions” (politics), and “What Are Advent Calendars?” (religion/holidays). Subscribe, and prepare to have your mind blown!

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On Physics Girl: Nov. 2016 Link!
1st Time Recognized in Public: Dec. 2016
On Tom Scott: April 2017 Link!
#13 on the Front Page Of Reddit: April 2017 Link!
#1 on r/videos: April 2017 Link!
#11 on the YouTube Trending Page: April 2017
On Mashable: April 2017 Link!
On Huffington Post: April 2017 Link!

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